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Relax peacefully in your home knowing that you and your loved ones are protected from harmful bacteria that may come from outside.


Our solutions are 100% safe for babies, pets, and even plants!

Our residential services cover indoor disinfection of houses, condominiums, and apartment units of varying sizes.



Make safety your top priority! A clean workplace ensures a safe & healthy environment for your staff and customers. Minimize employee sick days and give your team the confidence to always be on top of your customers’ needs!


Our commercial services cover indoor disinfection of offices, schools, clinics, gyms, and even hospitals!

Healthcare Facility


Healthcare facilities are held to higher cleaning standards due to the nature of their daily activities. Hence, requiring more stringent cleaning and disinfection measures on a regular basis. 

Protect your workplace and let BioTect be part of your Infection Control Protocols.



For most of us, a huge chunk of our day is spent inside our vehicles—from driving kids to school, to travelling for work, to driving around for errands. As such, keeping our cars clean and minimizing germs and bacteria should never be overlooked.

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